Thursday, 20 June 2019

When your ordered food is on the table but you're still looking at the menu.

When your ordered food is on the table but you're still looking at the menu.

Jamie Oliver declares bankruptcy

​The famous Naked Chef Jamie Oliver has been stripped of some of his property and was obliged to declare bankruptcy, Catchupnews learns from well-informed sources. Oliver will also have to give up on his restaurant chain, which could leave almost 1,000 people jobless. The business proved to be a bite too large for this chef.

Benefits of eating alone

​Even though we usually think of eating a meal as a gathering ritual, there are some benefits of eating alone, scientists claim and Catchupnews reports. If you're on a diet, you should avoid eating in company because you will probably eat more than when you're alone. Preparing meals for yourself have more dietary advantages – the chances you'll end...
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TED talks snack program includes cricket-based munchies

​The annual TED conference offered a broad field of interesting topics, and after long and often exhaustive talks, the speakers needed to take a bite. And what a better way to refuel their brains than to eat something healthy, nutritious, filled with fibres and proteins, and also environmental-friendly, like crickets, for example. Could cricket-bas...
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When she asks for a kids meal.

When she asks for a kids meal.

Man ate air freshener wax thinking it's food


This couple was trying out a low-carb, high-fat keto diet. Among other things, these people put "butter bombs" to their drinks to add more fat. So one day he made himself a tea with one of these "Butter bombs". He threw everything in the blender and glugged it down. Later his fiancee asked about the air freshener wax that had been on the ...
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EU threatens to raise tariffs on US ketchup

EU will meet American desperate measures for reducing European aluminium and steel import rate with countermeasures. EU plans to impose tariffs on many US imported goods, ketchup being one of the named. Fear not, dear Catchupnews readers, for news from the other side of the ocean will still flow freely.

Theresa May on Easter break

​After a long series of unfortunate bonding with her European partners, Theresa May decided she needs a break to reflect on everything she has been through. Catchupnews was told by street colporteurs that's she is now enjoying herself in London suburbs, eating her favourite food and drinking her beloved Danish lager, commenting on EastEnders, and c...
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Scientists discover that cheese ages better with music

​Scientists from the Bern University of Arts in Switzerland have discovered that cheese tastes and smells better when you expose it to music. The taste, however, depends on the type of music you're playing – hip-hop cheese has a rich, fruity flavour, and the classical music aficionado cheese is sweet and moderate. Catchupnews asked the cheeses for ...
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