​He threatened to shoot the groom

Weddings are all the same, and nothing interesting ever happens, right? Well, not always. This guy really didn't want to go to the wedding. Luckily hi...
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When 19-year-old acts like a three-year-old

This girl was 18 when she was dating a 19-year-old guy. He seemed totally normal until they met at his house before a date and his mum asked him to ta...
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Worst birthday ever

Some people have excellent timing skills. This guy thought it was a great idea to take his girlfriend out to lunch on her birthday and broke up with h...
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​He wanted to use a plastic bag as a condom

She was out partying when she met a guy from Colorado. He was studying in Spain as an exchange student. They talked, had a drink, made out and decided...
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​She didn't want to get married

Another evening in a restaurant. A guy got down on his knee and opened the box. The girl didn't say anything, just shook her head. When he noticed tha...
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​He woke up three states away

Be aware where you jump when you're drunk. This guy had a great night out with his friends. He got so drunk that he decided to jump to a random pick u...
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​Naked customer

For many people being naked in public is the ultimate nightmare. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. This guy was blackout drunk and locked himsel...
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You shouldn't give a stranger your best friend's number

Best friends are the greatest, and you should keep them not annoy them. This girl was stuck in a club with a very annoying guy who asked her number. F...
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Hot selfie for a grandma

She was drunk and wanted to tempt a guy. She split an Oreo cookie in half, licked the two sides, stuck them to her nipples, and texted him a hot selfi...
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Ultimate aim.

Ultimate aim.