Saturday, 28 March 2020

​Binging - reason for sick leave

​A recent survey by Radio Times shows that 18 per cent of show viewers at some point lied about being sick so they could stay home and binge-watch their favourite series. The trend, introduced when streaming platforms allowed viewers to watch entire series all at once, became so massive that almost 80 per cent of people admit losing sleep over cont...
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Work burnout recognized as serious condition by WHO

​The World Health Organization declares in its 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases that work burnout should be seen as a very serious condition. The burnout syndrome affects those who tend to work too hard and overburden themselves with pointless tasks. In order to avoid the dangerous syndrome, just sit back and enjoy yours...
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If you're feeling sleepy in afternoons, you may be chased by noon-day demon

​A mid-afternoon dizziness and torpor, in Greek acedia, was described as a lethargic state in old manuscripts, and connected to the sinful prevalence of body over soul. Some medieval scholars even claimed that it was all done by a wicked demon – a noon-day demon who despises life force and action. If you see it, Catchupnewsers, no other thing to do...
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​Are you sure you want your child to swim in puke?


No one likes to hear that their swim class is postponed, but sometimes there is a fairly good reason for it. This time a child threw up in a pool. Health code requires the closure of the pool after someone is puked in. And that's exactly what the pool supervisor did. Apparently, that decision made multiple parents mad. Source: Reddit

Unmarried women are happier, scientists claim

​The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) conducted a research about happiness and misery in married and unmarried people, and got some interesting results. Catchupnews suggest to take the results seriously into consideration, for they claim that unmarried women live longer, stay happier and healthier, unlike men, who apparently enjoy more benefits of m...
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Twin paradox facts finally revealed

Robert Markowitz/JSC/NASA
​The NASA scientists may have resolved a puzzle involving identical twins and their different ageing process – the one in space should allegedly age slower than the one on Earth. In the case of astronaut Scott Kelly and his brother Mark, Scotts' telomeres were lengthened, and his cells were more youthful in space but began to deteriorate as he came...
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Home pollution - danger to children

​The environment charity Global Action Plan commissioned a case study that concludes the pollution in our homes is much higher than outside. Catchupnews reveals that the case study accentuates home cooking, wood heating, and cleaning with chemicals as great health threats, especially to children, who nowadays spend more time indoors than outdoors. ...
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Study in muddy - dirt brings happiness, scientists say

​We were told to wash our hands before lunch, after toilet, after going in, before going out… But scientists now say that bacteria found in soil and dirt can improve our mood, as well as our overall health. No wonder pigs look so adoringly happy and wholesome while relaxing in the mud.

Even if your last training was 10 years ago, you still feel benefits of it, scientists now claim

​A latest scientific research suggests that the benefits of workout routine can spread over a decade. It means that even if you have forgotten your training and fitness regime for ten years, and ignored the world's obsession with  tight thighs and faces - you still look great, so relax and keep reading Catchupnews.

Monsanto to pay 80 million dollars to Roundup victim

​ A man won a legal battle against Monsanto corporation, and a federal jury ordered the company to pay him 80 million dollars because he got cancer from continual use of Monsanto's Roundup weed killer. The case raised concerns about Roundup and its lethal consequences. The company, now owned by German concern Bayer, however, doesn't seem concerned ...
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