Thursday, 20 February 2020

The subtle difference between boys & girls.

The subtle difference between boys & girls.

Story of Pisa tower.

Story of Pisa tower.

Naples gang attacks young actor who played mobster in The Piranhas movie

​ A baby gang, consisting of underage brutes, attacked a young actor in Naples, for they believed he was a real-life mobster. Actor Artem Tkachuk, who played a mobster in The Piranhas, a movie about baby gangs in Naples, was obviously a great choice for the role since he fooled even the real mobsters.

Trump's former chief strategist will allegedly teach and preach politics at Italian monastery

​The former White House former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon allegedly bought a medieval Italian monastery, and he's planning to open a political centre for young and prosperous politicians. As Catchupnews unofficially learns, the studies will include subjects such as Cambridge Analytica, Polls and whores, and Best hair for politicians. 

2,000-year-old fast-food restaurant revealed


​Some things never change, for instance, one's late-night craving for junk food. The latest discovery in Italian Pompeii is a 2,000 old fast-food restaurant, designed mainly for poorer citizens who didn't have the time or money to spend on steaming organic veggies. The restaurant, known as thermopolium, was only one of the many similar restaurants ...
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New Gucci Screener sneakers should bring back memories of good days, company claims


​The latest Gucci item, their vintage flattering pair of sneakers christened Screener, with prices varying from 870 up to 1250 US dollars, brings back the memories of good old days back at the neighbourhood basketball court with its shabby chic look, and calculated griminess. Dirty, scruffy things apparently became a new obsession of wealthy people...
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