Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Rare book returned to library after more than 80 years

​A rare book was finally returned to its original place – the Donegal library in Ireland, after more than 80 years of meticulous studying. The book called The White Owl, written by AMP Smithson, was still in perfect condition, just as it was when it was borrowed in 1937, the same year it was printed. The thorough reader had no complaints on the boo...
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Library on Moon opening soon


​An Israeli startup company launched a module called Beresheet to fly all the way to the Moon, carrying a fully equipped library with books on world knowledge and discoveries, Catchupnews finds out. The plan is to keep the library there for good. Since people on Earth don't need knowledge and books because they have Google, maybe someone on the Moo...
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Rich meet beautiful dating site owner denies allegations of debauchery


​Rich Meet Beautiful site appeared on billboards near UK universities with a clear intention of connecting students with financial difficulties with much older and richer sponsors for dating – and many more actions to follow, Catchupnews was unofficially told. The site's owner Sigurd Vedal is now accused of debauchery in Belgium, but he claims ther...
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Kim Kardashian immersed herself in studying criminal law and plans to restore peace and order in USA and then worldwide


​Judging by her latest posts on Instagram – and what's on Instagram is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Kim Kardashian is very seriously committed to reading, memorizing, delving into, making inquiries, and excelling in criminal law of the United States. Kim also plans to spread the word throughout the world, in order to resto...
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