Saturday, 28 March 2020

Her : One cucumber please.

Her : One cucumber please.

If you're afraid of your lady, that means you're a lion.

If you're afraid of your lady, that means you're a lion.

It's hard to cheat in peace


This girl worked in a steak house. All of a sudden, an older man came in with a younger lady. The man looked familiar. Then another couple came in. This time the lady looked familiar. After a half an hour she heard screaming. Turned out the older guy and the lady were married and both cheating each other. Now she remembered where she knew them...
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​Turkey fell off from between her legs


A lady wearing a sundress was waddling through the check stand in a grocery store. She was super impatient and kept asking the cashier to hurry up with her groceries. After 40 seconds, a frozen turkey fell from between her legs on the floor. She quickly kicked the turkey across to another check stand and yelled: "I'm not buying that!" Source: Reddi...
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​She has never seen a round pancake before


Some people are clearly from another planet. This lady came to have breakfast in a French bistro restaurant. She sat down and ordered pancakes. When the waitress brought them to the table, her mouth fell open. She complained that her pancakes were round and she has never seen round pancakes before. Source: Reddit

​She wanted to use her library card to get books from the bookshop


A lady came up to the register with a book and handed the bookseller her public library card. The bookseller informed her that they were not a library and she had to pay for the book. She started to argue with her and the bookseller had to walk her outside and point out to the giant sign that read "Booksellers" on it. Source: Reddit

Sometimes it's better not to be helpful


Lady laid down her vegetables and fruit on the belt. The cashier picked up a clamshell of strawberries and opened the top to check the mould before she buys it. She said that there was mould and she'd wait if the lady wanted to grab a different one. The customer was not happy. According to her, all her fruits and vegetables were now dirty beca...
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Anthropology students go to hell


A university student talked with a lady who asked what he was studying. He said anthropology. The lady was curious, so he explained that it was the study of pre-human history and evolution of mankind. She didn't like that he mentioned evolution and asked if he studies the bible. The student explained that the bible is not used in this field of stud...
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​She was going to hire meth heads to kill people because of coffee


In this McDonalds, a lady came twice a day. Each time she ordered medium vanilla ice coffee with 6 creams and 6 sugar-free vanilla shots. The workers often had to remake this coffee 10 times per visit. Eventually, they decided to make it twice, and if it didn't work out, they would refund. Lady got angry and said she was going to hire meth heads to...
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Lady with a small bladder started a toilet blog


Lady Latrine has the bladder of a small child. That's why she has to use a lot of public loos. She started a blog where she reviews and rates public toilets. One of the nicest public toilets she has seen belongs to a night club. It surprised Ms Latrine with its spotless facilities and little extras like hair straighteners. Source: BBC New...
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