Her : One cucumber please.

Her : One cucumber please.

If you're afraid of your lady, that means you're a lion.

If you're afraid of your lady, that means you're a lion.

It's hard to cheat in peace

This girl worked in a steak house. All of a sudden, an older man came in with a younger lady. The man looked familiar. Then another couple came in. Th...
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​Turkey fell off from between her legs

A lady wearing a sundress was waddling through the check stand in a grocery store. She was super impatient and kept asking the cashier to hurry up wit...
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​She has never seen a round pancake before

Some people are clearly from another planet. This lady came to have breakfast in a French bistro restaurant. She sat down and ordered pancakes. When t...
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​She wanted to use her library card to get books from the bookshop

A lady came up to the register with a book and handed the bookseller her public library card. The bookseller informed her that they were not a library...
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Sometimes it's better not to be helpful

Lady laid down her vegetables and fruit on the belt. The cashier picked up a clamshell of strawberries and opened the top to check the mould before sh...
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Anthropology students go to hell

A university student talked with a lady who asked what he was studying. He said anthropology. The lady was curious, so he explained that it was the st...
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​She was going to hire meth heads to kill people because of coffee

In this McDonalds, a lady came twice a day. Each time she ordered medium vanilla ice coffee with 6 creams and 6 sugar-free vanilla shots. The workers ...
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Lady with a small bladder started a toilet blog

Lady Latrine has the bladder of a small child. That's why she has to use a lot of public loos. She started a blog where she reviews and rates pub...
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