Thursday, 27 February 2020

Shopping at Harrods could give you away

​The first dirty money investigation conducted in Britain now got even further into habits of the suspect Zamira Hajiyeva. According to the receipts from Harrods, Hajiyeva had an expensive shopping pattern, and managed to spend an incredible sum of £16,309,077.87 between 2006 and 2016. She even picked her fruits and veggies at Harrods, but what the...
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Kim Kardashian is diligent home-taught student and finishes her homework on time


​According to her tutors, Kim Kardashian is a straight-A home-taught student, who frequently does her homework. She also keeps little notes with Latin law proverbs all over the place, Catchupnews finds out, and she does it all while cleaning, cooking for the family of six, and taking care of a newborn. She even offers some free legal advice through...
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Student suing Apple for wrongful face recognition

​A student from New York is suing Apple company for accusing him of a series of thefts, after the Apple stores face recognition system falsely identified him as a burglar. As Catchupnews unofficially learns, when informed about the mistake, Apple system just stated that the student maybe wasn't the one who stole from an Apple store, but he surely w...
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Brazilian police arrested important member of drug dealing clan - “papagaio do tráfico”

​Brazilian police arrested a dangerous criminal mind – the one responsible for alerting the gang when police were near, and enabling other illegal operations. The criminal went by the code name "papagaio do tráfico", and it was a regular parrot. However, it did not sing when arrested, and remained silent during the interrogation, Catchupnews was to...
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Man is suing his parents for destroying his porn collection

​A grown-up man from Indiana, USA, sued his own parents for destroying his unique magazine and video collection of supreme porn accomplishments. Although the parents were sure they were doing him a favour by getting rid of the stuff, his reaction was quite different from what they've imagined. Catchupnews was told that he now wants them to pay him ...
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Rich meet beautiful dating site owner denies allegations of debauchery


​Rich Meet Beautiful site appeared on billboards near UK universities with a clear intention of connecting students with financial difficulties with much older and richer sponsors for dating – and many more actions to follow, Catchupnews was unofficially told. The site's owner Sigurd Vedal is now accused of debauchery in Belgium, but he claims ther...
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Kim Kardashian immersed herself in studying criminal law and plans to restore peace and order in USA and then worldwide


​Judging by her latest posts on Instagram – and what's on Instagram is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Kim Kardashian is very seriously committed to reading, memorizing, delving into, making inquiries, and excelling in criminal law of the United States. Kim also plans to spread the word throughout the world, in order to resto...
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I'm a law abiding citizen.

I'm a law abiding citizen.
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