Thursday, 27 February 2020

Shopping at Harrods could give you away

​The first dirty money investigation conducted in Britain now got even further into habits of the suspect Zamira Hajiyeva. According to the receipts from Harrods, Hajiyeva had an expensive shopping pattern, and managed to spend an incredible sum of £16,309,077.87 between 2006 and 2016. She even picked her fruits and veggies at Harrods, but what the...
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Pepsi suing Indian farmers over potato growing

The worldwide famous beverage company is apparently feeling endangered from a couple of Indian peasants who grow potatoes. Pepsi is pressing charges against these farmers, for they used the same kind of potato Pepsi is making chips of, Catchupnews was told. We can only wonder what are the next things they could legally brand and make their own – th...
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Student suing Apple for wrongful face recognition

​A student from New York is suing Apple company for accusing him of a series of thefts, after the Apple stores face recognition system falsely identified him as a burglar. As Catchupnews unofficially learns, when informed about the mistake, Apple system just stated that the student maybe wasn't the one who stole from an Apple store, but he surely w...
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Man is suing his parents for destroying his porn collection

​A grown-up man from Indiana, USA, sued his own parents for destroying his unique magazine and video collection of supreme porn accomplishments. Although the parents were sure they were doing him a favour by getting rid of the stuff, his reaction was quite different from what they've imagined. Catchupnews was told that he now wants them to pay him ...
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Marc Jacobs tries to dismiss Nirvana lawsuit over smiley logo


Marc Jacobs, a well-known fashion designer, tried to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Nirvana band estate over the use of Nirvana's smiley-face logo in his latest Redux Grunge Collection. Jacobs stated that the logo can't be considered as Kurt Cobain's work of art because it's a smiley, and the whole world knows Cobain was a grumpy, depressed, and ...
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