Monday, 24 February 2020

​He escaped from the family gathering


It can be scary to meet the family of your girlfriend, but most of us usually do just fine. Her mum and three brothers flew in the town she lived to meet her boyfriend. They had dated for a while and talked about getting married. Her family went to a restaurant to wait for her to finish work. Her boyfriend was driving and said that he'll drop her o...
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​He let his mum to do the dirty work


She had been in a relationship over a year when her mum called to tell her that she will pick her up tomorrow. The girl said that she was getting a lift with her boyfriend. "There's no boyfriend," mum said. Turned out he told his mum that he didn't want to be in a relationship with her. His mum called her mum, who called the girl. He was 19. Source...
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​Mum slept with her daughter's boyfriend


Not everyone has a picture perfect family, but honestly, some parents are unbelievably terrible. This guy had never a good relationship with his mum. Nevertheless, he decided to give her a Mother's Day gift. From what he heard behind the door his son assumed mum was watching a movie. He opened it without knocking and saw her having sex with his sis...
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​After sex, she called her mum


Straight after they'd finished the girl grabbed her phone to call her mum and tell her that they just had had sex. She also sent her a picture of two of them in a bed. Apparently, she had secretly taken a picture of the two of them in bed. She also sent it to her best friend. Source: BuzzFeed

​She accidentally turned on her camera while breastfeeding


You should always be extra careful while taking work phone calls. This mum was taking a call while breastfeeding and accidentally turned on her camera. It was a call with her boss and the boss of her boss. All of that would have been even more embarrassing if the bosses had been men. Luckily, they were also mums, and everyone just had a good laugh....
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Stepping into a bloody bathroom in the night time is not fun


A mum needed to go to toilet at 2 am and was screaming because the whole bathroom looked like a crime scene- there was blood everywhere. It turned out her daughter had decided to set up a new cat box in the middle of the night. Cutting the zip tie off the 5-year-old cut herself very badly. She didn't scream just washed the blood off and went t...
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