Monday, 24 February 2020

She has a point.

She has a point.

​Don't babble about the murder you committed


She left her husband for another man. Soon after she was arrested. Turned out her two older children had shot her ex-husband. Another kid and the mum rolled him up in a blanket, drove him out to the forest and buried him. Mum and her children went to jail. They would've gotten away with it if only the mum hadn't confessed the whole story to a frien...
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​Serial killer would have gotten away with the murders if he would have stayed silent


Dennis Rader is responsible for ten murders. He committed murders between 1974 and 1991. After that he was silent until 2005 when he sent a letter to police asking if he sends them floppy disk will they be able to trace it. Police said no, and he sent the disk. Police recovered metadata from a deleted Word document which contained his name. He...
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Staten island mafia didn’t really bother anyone, neighbours say


The shooting of 'Franky Boy' Cali, the assumed mafia boss of the Gambino family, surprised many of his Staten Island neighbours who claim that the dealings of the mafia are nowadays quiet and decent, and don't really bother anyone at all. Cali is described as a quiet, family man, struggling to keep the family name still in the game, since the Itali...
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