Sunday, 22 September 2019

American-French experiment proves trees have feelings too

​The oak tree that was planted during Emanuel Macron visit to the US by a joint effort of Macron and his American mate Donald, reportedly died off during the brief period spent in tree quarantine. The sources told to Catchupnews that the three was seriously hurt when the feud between the two presidents started, and just didn't see any purpose when ...
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Chernobyl wildlife thriving after human inhabitants left

​The horrible nuclear disaster hit Chernobyl in 1986, and most of the inhabitants left the place when the area became exposed to the high level of radiation. But radiation seemed to be less dangerous for wildlife than humans. A great abundance of huge mammals and carnivores has been detected living freely in the region with no obstructions whatsoev...
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Natural deodorant recipes from past

​For all of you natural substances lovers, DIY practitioners, and weird-smelling odour users, Catchupnews presents a couple of recipes on the subject. Here's what our ancestors used in order to cover their wretched bodily scent and overall grimy looks: a mixture of ostrich eggs, turtles' shell, whale's secretion, and glandular liquids of musk deer....
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Clearing woods all around globe will cost us dearly

​Humans have been successfully clearing the woods for agriculture and other sports, and the clearing has now reached its peak with 12 million hectares vanishing during the previous year, World Resource Institute acknowledged, and Catchupnews passes on. Woods are a major factor in the preservation of climate and biodiversity, and yet we successfully...
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New species found at deepest place in Pacific

​The latest discoveries made by American explorer Victor Vescovo reveal some disturbing facts. New species have been discovered at the Mariana Trench, an immeasurable gap in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Japan and Australia. The team also found plastic bags and wrappings, and it is still unknown to Catchupnews whether they're also new specie...
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Most beautiful things come from slips

​ We've been persistently told that the great deeds are born from hard work, endurance, and with a dash of luck. But some things, obviously, can come from slips, landslides, and seem like a great misfortune at first. Just look at Attabad Lake in Hunza Valley, Pakistan, dear Catchupnews readers, and witness the natural perfection that came after mas...
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Fire poppies - flowers blooming after destruction

​There is a specific kind of flower in California, the one that blossoms only after a destructive fire. It seems like even on barren grounds life continues to beat – just look at fire poppies. The place was burnt by wildfires, squashed by Instagramers' hordes, and severely harmed by media skies pollution, and yet they remain intact and wait for the...
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Blonde zebras have more fun

​Catchupnews reports that a very rare kind of zebra was photographed recently in its natural habitat – the so-called blonde zebra. It was moving smoothly among the zebra crowd as if it was the queen of the herd. It really proves that the famous saying is, in fact, truthful – blonde zebras do have more fun.

Forest bathing - latest millennial hype

​There's a steady rise of members of Forest Bathing Club, with no signs of slowing down. The program is the latest millennials' obsession and includes staying in a natural surrounding for an extended period of time, breathing deeply, mingling with ants and other insects, and murmuring with pine trees. The aim, perhaps, is to reduce water spending, ...
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This is how Nature is losing the battle.

This is how Nature is losing the battle.
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