American-French experiment proves trees have feelings too

​The oak tree that was planted during Emanuel Macron visit to the US by a joint effort of Macron and his American mate Donald, reportedly died off dur...
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Chernobyl wildlife thriving after human inhabitants left

​The horrible nuclear disaster hit Chernobyl in 1986, and most of the inhabitants left the place when the area became exposed to the high level of rad...
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Natural deodorant recipes from past

​For all of you natural substances lovers, DIY practitioners, and weird-smelling odour users, Catchupnews presents a couple of recipes on the subject....
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Clearing woods all around globe will cost us dearly

​Humans have been successfully clearing the woods for agriculture and other sports, and the clearing has now reached its peak with 12 million hectares...
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New species found at deepest place in Pacific

​The latest discoveries made by American explorer Victor Vescovo reveal some disturbing facts. New species have been discovered at the Mariana Trench,...
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Most beautiful things come from slips

​ We've been persistently told that the great deeds are born from hard work, endurance, and with a dash of luck. But some things, obviously, can come ...
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Fire poppies - flowers blooming after destruction

​There is a specific kind of flower in California, the one that blossoms only after a destructive fire. It seems like even on barren grounds life cont...
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Blonde zebras have more fun

​Catchupnews reports that a very rare kind of zebra was photographed recently in its natural habitat – the so-called blonde zebra. It was moving smoot...
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Forest bathing - latest millennial hype

​There's a steady rise of members of Forest Bathing Club, with no signs of slowing down. The program is the latest millennials' obsession and includes...
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This is how Nature is losing the battle.

This is how Nature is losing the battle.

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