Sunday, 18 August 2019

Bowling alley advertisement.

Bowling alley advertisement.

Gay test!

Gay test!

Forest bathing - latest millennial hype

​There's a steady rise of members of Forest Bathing Club, with no signs of slowing down. The program is the latest millennials' obsession and includes staying in a natural surrounding for an extended period of time, breathing deeply, mingling with ants and other insects, and murmuring with pine trees. The aim, perhaps, is to reduce water spending, ...
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Mark Zuckerberg could get arrested in New Zealand

​The last month's tragic events at Christchurch mosque propelled New Zealand officials to issue a warning to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg - the next time something horrible happens and it's streamed live on Facebook, he would be the one responsible for spreading hate and violence content, and could face some jail time. Anyhow, Catchupnews got a...
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A courageous girl.

A courageous girl.

TV comic to win first round of Ukraine presidential elections

​Ukrainian actor Volodymyr Zelenskiy will most likely win the first round of presidential vote in Ukraine on Sunday, a Catchupnews reporter from Kiev green market finds out. Zelenskiy, who actually plays the role of president on a popular TV show, became people's favourite in an act of protest against established politicians. Since the current stat...
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Kidnapped Chinese student Wanzhen Lu released

Canadian police found a kidnapped Chinese student three days after he was pushed into a black Dodge Caravan while he was passing through a parking lot. Lu, who has a passion for collecting expensive cars such as Rolls Royce and Lamborghini, was released with minor injuries. The anonymous sources told Catchupnews that kidnappers were only interested...
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Elisabeth Holmes - channelling tech brilliance through black turtlenecks, baritone voice and good social skills


​Elizabeth Holmes, the young founder of Theranos, a health care technology company for blood testing, quickly became an instant sensation in the world of tech entrepreneurship thanks to her own ways of channelling tech-genius glow. She could swiftly tune in by wearing black turtlenecks inherited by her Uncle Steve, lowering her voice in order to so...
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CIA is helping ISIS warriors to resocialize after their terrorist careers have come to end


 As the Syrian crisis is slowly progressing towards the end, some organizations, focused on international affairs and world stability, are trying to cope with the current state. The US welfare agency CIA is allegedly already on the spot, trying to persuade former terrorist to calm down, even offering help, safety, and new documents. About 2,00...
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Marc Jacobs tries to dismiss Nirvana lawsuit over smiley logo


Marc Jacobs, a well-known fashion designer, tried to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Nirvana band estate over the use of Nirvana's smiley-face logo in his latest Redux Grunge Collection. Jacobs stated that the logo can't be considered as Kurt Cobain's work of art because it's a smiley, and the whole world knows Cobain was a grumpy, depressed, and ...
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