Thursday, 20 June 2019

​Eating noodles makes your child gay


The mayor of Indonesia's Tangerang city, Arief R Wismansyah said that parents should give breast milk for their children to keep them healthy. Due to lack of time, many parents in Indonesia feed their children with milk formula and instant noodles. That can cause a negative impact on a child's development. "So, it's no wonder that recently there ar...
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​Parents forgot their child in a shopping cart


Sometimes we all walk around our heads in the clouds and forget our stuff. In this case, the parents forgot their 2-year old child. They came to store with all their six kids but accidentally left one in a shopping cart and drove away. Poor thing was out there in a dark and rain at least 15 minutes before someone noticed him. Source: Reddit

"Eviction notice"

"Eviction notice"

Two-year-old with a knife


Parents, keep knives out of your children's reach. This mum woke up in a morning finding her two-year-old sitting in her bed with a butcher knife saying "cut cut". Before she could scream, she noticed a banana in his other hand. She had no idea the child could reach the knives. Source: Reddit

When your parents won't let you go out because your outfit is too revealing.

When your parents won't let you go out because your outfit is too revealing.

Virgin airlines.

Virgin airlines.

Rise of kidfluencers on social media

There's a new category  on celebrity skies, and it involves sweet kids, their canny parents, and social networks. The class of kidfluencer shortly became a trending opportunity on Instagram when parents realized that bringing up children doesn't have to be a stressful, sleepless, exhausting, and pricey activity, and that they could actually ea...
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How telling lies to your children can go wrong


This kid lost her mind over what her parents had told her about deers. When she was little, she was walking with her mum on a trail. The little girl kept running ahead. To stop her, mum told her daughter that there were deer in the area and, if one caught her, it would "setal her face". Around the next corner, they saw a deer. Source: Buz...
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I won't enjoy!

I won't enjoy!

A man discovers he has slept with his girlfriend father


Five years ago he went through a bi-phase sleeping around with almost everyone who came along. It changed when he met his new partner, who is everything for him. The man wanted to propose but halfway through the lunch with her parents, he realised he has slept with his father. Source: The Guardian
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