When uncle decides to do the batman shit at the party


9 Months before I was born...

9 Months before I was born...

​Teenage chinchilla slayer

When he was in 9th grade, there was a cute girl who had a party over at her house out in the country. He really liked her. Her family raised chinchill...
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​Her dress caught fire

Someone should seriously consider putting the warning: "Inflammable Material. Keep away from fire" on wedding dresses. Sparkling candles, bonfires and...
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​She threw up at her own wedding

Usually throwing up doesn't start until the wedding party is well on and everyone has had a bit too much to drink. In this case, it went differently. ...
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​He spent £10million and now makes £10 per hour

Not all of us are finance geniuses of course, but some lottery millionaires have still managed to arrange their lives in a way that they don't have to...
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​He wanted to use a plastic bag as a condom

She was out partying when she met a guy from Colorado. He was studying in Spain as an exchange student. They talked, had a drink, made out and decided...
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He cleaned the table with tortillas

This group of friends went to a burrito place after the party. Unfortunately, one guy was quite drunk and spilt the drinks all over the table. Seeing ...
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​Don't give your beer to a police officer if you are underage

During the first week of classes, there was a college party in someone's yard. All of a sudden policemen pulled up to bust the party. Freshmen were lo...
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​Never underestimate your guests' ability to party

In this brides wedding, a lot of guests didn't shy away from drinking a lot. Her mum's best friend danced drunk on a table and flashed everyone. Her b...
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