Friday, 10 April 2020

Will cat Larry decide on new British Prime Minister?

​Theresa May resigned but her successor is still undecided. It's difficult to predict the outcome, and some experts close to Cabinet told Catchupnews that it will certainly be a bitter fight among the prominent political figures of the moment to win the PM throne. Some imply that Larry, the Downing Street cat, could be the one to decide.

Bhutan PM works as surgeon on weekends

​The prime minister of Bhutan, a little state in Asia, somewhere between India and China, stays busy on weekends – he operates and tends to his patients, Catchupnews was told. Most politicians, head of states, and local authorities try to make our lives miserable even on weekends..

Illusionist Uri Geller will telepathically force Theresa May to ditch Brexit plans

 Isreali-British illusionist Uri Geller professed his wish to stop Britain from leaving the EU by telepathically influencing Theresa May. Uri said that he would use any necessary force to make Mrs May abandon her complicated Brexit plans, including his well-known skills like bending ,speeding watches, dowsing around the Parliament, and finally...
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