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Judge : Why did police arrest you?

Judge : Why did police arrest you?

​Police can still hear you


These teenagers were pulled over because they looked 14-15. It turned out it was okay, the driver was 18 and had a licence. While checking the document policeman cracked a joke: "It smells like a weed here". The driver laughed and said they didn't smoke. The policemen let them go, and as he was walking away he heard "See, I told you, dumbass, not t...
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​Don't wear a black hoodie when you want to sneak into your girlfriend's bedroom


One day a man looked out of a living room window and saw a man with black hoodie creeping around his neighbour's house. He decided to call the police. Turned out he was not a burglar but a boyfriend who was not allowed to enter the house from the front door and attempted to climb in secretly. Source: Reddit

Police can find you tracing your footprints


These middle school children felt like vandalising a building downtown. It felt like a great plan. It was after hours and the downtown area was vacant. So there were no direct witnesses. But the police found them easily the next day because it had just started to snow and all police had to do was to follow fresh footprints. Source: Reddit

​How to lose your driving licence


He and his girlfriend had both done MDMA and were driving. Police stopped them for regular check. Everything went well, and the police were walking away when the girlfriend shouted: "Holy shit, what luck!" What she didn't know was that the car window was still rolled down and the police officer had heard her. Both got checked, and the boyfriend los...
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Six-year-old boy called police because he wanted company

​A little boy from Florida called the police and asked them kindly to find him a friend because he just couldn't get anyone to hang out with him. Most of us could recall similar situations, even though our social profiles are filled with friends. Maybe the police could enlist friend-hunting among their services, for we will surely need it in the ne...
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​Police wanted to offer a ride, but he bolted


An underage student was walking home drunk. He stopped next to the road to throw up. The police came up to him to see if he needed a ride home. They didn't really care if he was underaged or not, just wanted to help him. But the student ran and police had to chase and tackle him and place him under arrest. Source: Reddit

Just say you had to pee, no need to mention the cocaine


A policeman saw a guy at 2 am behind a pub standing up against the wall, his hands down near his crotch, which looked like he was going to urinate. Policeman yelled: "Hey mate, what's doing over there?" The guy turned around, rose his hands and admitted that he had cocaine on him. Source: Reddit

​Police tried to pretend he didn't hear the part about weed


A policeman pulled a car over because it looked run down. He wanted to tell the driver that he shouldn't be driving around at night with only half his lights working. The driver looked at the police and says: "Yeah, I admit, I smoked weed". Police wanted to give him another chance and pretended not to hear him and started to talk about broken light...
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