Sunday, 22 September 2019

Queen wearing prophylactic tiara during POTUS visit

​The Trump family excursion to Britain has come to an end. However, an Oxford cellar scholar pointed out to Catchupnews some interesting facts about Queen Elisabeth's tiara choice. The Burmese Ruby Tiara allegedly possesses special powers that guard the one who's wearing it from bad spirits, giant babies, contagious orangeness, and evil in general....
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Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal movie

Many things have been said about the royal wedding, and now there's even a movie to complete our thirst about royal ups and downs. Lifetimes' Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal is also significant for another interesting fact – the frequency of the name Harry being used in movie titles. Here are some suggestions by Catchupnews, but feel free to add y...
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Even modern princesses need magic

Norwegian Princess Martha Louise was obviously sprinkled with magic dust, for she has found love and intends to keep it that way. The princess, fourth in the line of succession to the throne, fell in love with American shaman, a soul-hacker, spiritualist and a healer. The case proves the old axiom that you can only win a princess' heart by magic. H...
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Animal royal families


​ Animals have their royals also, and all the drama that comes along. For instance, monkey royals are known for their overuse of make-up, and constantly fighting whose newborn is more photogenic.The leopard queen is more popular than the king, and many dynasties were dethroned and continued their royal duties in somewhat restrained conditions – in ...
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New Royal Addition cheddar cheese in honour of new royal baby


​ Some like it hot, some like it cheesy, and some will honour the new royal baby birth by releasing a new cheddar cheese sort named Royal Addition. The cheese was specially produced to match Prince Harry's vibrant orange hair tone. "We fed the cows with oranges and Gatorade," a peasant told Catchupnews.

Queen returns to horse riding

​Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II was recently spotted riding her beloved Fell pony in Windsor. The Queen returned to her favourite activity after a series of incidents involving royal family members behind steering wheels. The Queen's neighbours told Catchupnews that she's a bit hesitant to drive until Mercury leaves its retrograde phase.

Prince Charles visits Pirelli factory in Carlisle

Prince Charles paid a visit to the Pirelli tyres factory in Carlisle on their 50th anniversary. Luckily, the Prince of Wales wasn't allowed to do a test drive around the factory, considering the frequent traffic incidents involving royal family members. The anniversary marked 50 years of factory's presence in Britain – almost the same period  ...
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Where do all stuffed animals given to royals end up?

​The Royal Family is often given plenty of presents, and the recent acknowledgement of the gift list reveals the vast number of stuffed animals among the presents. So what do royals do with all these animals? Catchupnews reveals they keep some of the toys for their kids, but what happens with the rest – that's the question the environmental and ani...
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Another car crash caused by royals

​A woman from Birmingham, at the wheels of a Peugeot 107, is yet another victim of royal family traffic participants, following the recent incident in which Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh pushed a Kia vehicle off the road. An underground theory reached the ears of Catchupnews staff, revealing that the continual driving incidents are no accid...
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Even Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth has Instagram account

The social media craze has been unceasingly occupying every little spot on the planet, and almost all of its inhabitants, even those we thought won't be so prone to succumb to the craze, Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth for example. But the Queen is not only following the latest tech achievements, she's already very versatile at it that she even has a c...
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