Friday, 21 February 2020

Vampires' special gut bacteria revealed

​Biologists have discovered that a tiny bird from Galapagos archipelago, which tends to sip on the blood of larger birds in the times of drought, has a special kind of gut bacteria that enables it to digest blood. The bird called vampire finch, a distant relative of literary vampires, has high levels of Peptostreptococcaceae, a bacteria congregatio...
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Astronomers discover new planet, astrologists confused

​A small exoplanet was recently discovered in the Neptunian Desert – the region proximate to stars, where no planets abide. The naughty little planet, however, surprised astrologists who have already done their monthly readings, and now feel betrayed by skies. "This changes things a lot, and will definitely influence horoscopes, but who could possi...
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Godzilla is evolving, scientists claim

​Dartmouth College scientists determined that Godzilla has been evolving 30 times faster than any other living organism. Godzilla, a fictional movie monster, created in the midst of Cold-War drama, symbolizes collective anxiety that has grown immensely in the last 65 years, Catchupnews was informed. Any suggestions on who could stand up to this gia...
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Americans have freedom gas while Chinese have rare earth

​Americans recently declared that their gas is not an ordinary thing, but consists of special, all-American freedom molecules. And Catchupnews Asian reporters reveal that Chinese also have their own special particle. It has a wide range of use – from arms and medical industries to Apple designs, and the exceptional element is called rare-earth. Let...
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Underwater volcano responsible for weird noise

​Geologists discovered a giant underwater volcano in the Indian ocean, and they now claim it is responsible for the strange seismic hum heard all around the globe. So, no, dear Catchupnews readers, you're not suffering from tinnitus, nor it's not Madonna's humble vocals echoing from the Eurovision contest, it's just some ordinary thing brought ...
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Solve puzzle and win 2,500$

​Plougastel-Daoulas, a small village in France, is offering a prize of 2,500$ for anyone capable of deciphering a mysterious stone inscription that was discovered a couple of years ago. Here's the sign, dear Catchupnews detectives, and good luck: "ROC AR B [...] DRE AR GRIO SE EVELOH AR VIRIONES BAOAVEL [...] R I OBBIIE: BRISBVILAR [...] FROIK [......
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Blind people have livelier dreams

​Scientists claim that blind people dream as often as people without visual impairment, with one crucial difference – their dreams are livelier than the dreams of people who can see. It turns out that blind people spot nuances, depths, and layers that can boost their dreaming adventures to levels unknown to the people who mostly rely on visual impr...
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TED talks snack program includes cricket-based munchies

​The annual TED conference offered a broad field of interesting topics, and after long and often exhaustive talks, the speakers needed to take a bite. And what a better way to refuel their brains than to eat something healthy, nutritious, filled with fibres and proteins, and also environmental-friendly, like crickets, for example. Could cricket-bas...
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L.A. pavement is cooler than cool

​In order to reduce the so-called urban heat island effect, L.A. authorities have decided to use a brand new kind of pavement that absorbs less heat. The viscous mixture will cover L.A. streets even in the suburb areas, and it is expected to decrease the temperature by 10 degrees or even more, and  raise the coolness of already cool L.A. stree...
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People averagely visit 25 places during lifetime, recent study reveals

​A recent study conducted by German and American scientists with a lot of spare time, reveals our lives are governed by a number – we usually have 25 places we keep returning to. And even if we are given an opportunity to widen the list, we tend to rely on the same, safe places – the same goes for our friends and news sites, such as Catchupnews.
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