Trending: Chernobyl selfies

​In the midst of HBO's Chernobyl series frenzy, Instagram influencers got yet another way to express their personalities and gain likes – by heading to Chernobyl restricted zone and posing. The Chernobyl incident took place in 1986 and it's so far the world's most horrifying nuclear disaster. But the fact that radiation is still high in the area di...
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​Binging - reason for sick leave

​A recent survey by Radio Times shows that 18 per cent of show viewers at some point lied about being sick so they could stay home and binge-watch their favourite series. The trend, introduced when streaming platforms allowed viewers to watch entire series all at once, became so massive that almost 80 per cent of people admit losing sleep over cont...
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Ex-CIA deputy director spotted in Game of Thrones

​David S. Cohen, a former Deputy Director of a worldwide construction company called CIA, was spotted by meticulous viewers in the Game of Thrones latest episode. Catchupnews heard a whisper by a tiny stuntman that Cohen was there on a special assignment, investigating the knight of the seven kingdoms and his possible connections to ISIS.

Tony Soprano's son inherits his dad's mafia position

Famous Tony Soprano passed away, but his legacy remains very much alive – his son inherited his talent and will follow in his dad's footsteps, Catchupnews was told by informants. The role played by James Gandolfini will be reprised by his own son, Michael Gandolfini, in the latest movie that tells a story of Tony Soprano's profuse career beginnings...
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer team reassembled and ready to start chasing vampires

The famous vampire slayer girl and her accomplished team reportedly regrouped after a long hiatus. The stance was made due to their own private commitments and the lack of vampires in the free market, but the crew has now gathered and began practising vampire-slashing techniques. It is expected that they soon hit the awaken vampire gangs that have ...
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Filming of Star Trek prequel began in Montreal
 The Montreal Film Studio announced today that the filming of a Star Trek prequel has just begun, and that they are so far very satisfied with how the work progresses, especially praised the film cast, and the actors who keep showing on time, and courageously enduring the filming in the freezing cold Montreal weather. The producers announced t...
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