Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Trending: Chernobyl selfies

​In the midst of HBO's Chernobyl series frenzy, Instagram influencers got yet another way to express their personalities and gain likes – by heading to Chernobyl restricted zone and posing. The Chernobyl incident took place in 1986 and it's so far the world's most horrifying nuclear disaster. But the fact that radiation is still high in the area di...
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Artist in anti-selfie campaign

​Artist Stephanie Leigh Rose unrolled a series of photos on her online account @stefdies, depicting some famous backgrounds and her own corpse. The photographs are anti-selfies, as she put it, and imply that although mortal, we keep pursuing vain and artificial moments of happiness to show on social media, instead of real life.

Even chimpanzees use Instagram

​ The world of versatile Instagram users just got a new backup – a real-life chimpanzee with a flair for screens, apps, and all things nice. Catchupnews was told that many Instagram influencers feel threatened by this new user, for the chimpanzee is just what Instagram was craving for – a genuine, natural, and unpolished figure that everyone can id...
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Future is private, Mark Zuckerberg claims

​Judging by his latest Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg repents and plans to make the future private. He wants to move the social platforms he owns from being a town square to the more private surrounding of a living room. A living room with no windows. Or a heavily cemented booth with like button.

Influencer's social experiment shows how we're fooled by influencers

​A prominent American social media influencer conducted a creative psychological experiment involving social media – she expertly pretended she visited certain spots, while in fact, she was sprawling on her aunt's couch. She bravely mocked the army of fancy fakers hiding behind the glitter and joy. The conclusion (by Catchupnews): Instagram will ta...
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Even penguins take selfies

​A pair of Emperor penguins at Antartica's Auster rookery became Internet stars overnight when they took and shared their first selfie. Catchupnews reveals that the penguins are already working on opening an Instagram account, and their own YouTube channel, the first video being most likely named "Secrets to perfect selfie or if penguins and can do...
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CIA planning to open Instagram account

The Central Intelligence Agency has an important aim to accomplish this season, Catchupnews made a discovery by glancing into their confidential posting plan – to set and keep a vivid Instagram account with no less than 100,000 followers. "Days in the agency sometimes feel lonely, and it's hard for us to meet new people and build trust, "one CIA em...
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Zuckerberg jealous of Instagram's success

​After purchasing Instagram and WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg gradually cut off their resources.Some Facebook basement rats told Catchupnews that it was due to Mark's enormous jealousy – the named apps where much cooler than Facebook ever was. Mark, however, kept claiming his amount of cool was steadily rising even before Facebook. The claim was met wi...
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Instagram influencer reported liquidation of her profile to police

​One partially well-known Instagram influencer called the police when she discovered her Instagram profile was suspended from the platform. The girl tried to report murder for she felt like a part of her was deleted, disappeared, and shattered to pieces, Catchupnews reveals. The police, however, didn't want to bother about her profile, for she had ...
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