Friday, 10 April 2020

Staten island mafia didn’t really bother anyone, neighbours say


The shooting of 'Franky Boy' Cali, the assumed mafia boss of the Gambino family, surprised many of his Staten Island neighbours who claim that the dealings of the mafia are nowadays quiet and decent, and don't really bother anyone at all. Cali is described as a quiet, family man, struggling to keep the family name still in the game, since the Itali...
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What people don't see.

What people don't see.

Girl Power shirts really brought power to female workers in Bangladesh

Shirts with 'girl power' sign, sold in the UK for charity purposes, are having a true effect on girls' minds, and really do empower and inspire them to take action towards better working conditions and overall life. The Bangladesh factory workers that produce the shirts, mostly female stitchers, working on 16 hour shifts, under rough conditions, an...
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When you set your alarm every 5 minutes in the morning.

When you set your alarm every 5 minutes in the morning.
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