Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Schoolgirl got stuck in a baby swing


School trips are exciting- finally, you're out of that boring classroom. Being together with peers makes them act crazy to prove how brave, funny, or cute they are. This girl thought it would be cute to sit in a baby swing, so she climbed in it, but couldn't get out anymore. There was nothing much to do but to call a New York City Police who then c...
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When you're stuck doing porn because you have a big dick but you really wanted to be a doctor.

When you're stuck doing porn because you have a big dick but you really wanted to be a doctor.

​Guy dressed as Big Ben couldn't get through the finish gate in London marathon


Little that he knew that after struggling through the whole marathon, the biggest struggle was still waiting for him. His Big Ben costume was simply too high to get through the finish. He attempted to pass the gate in limbo style, but that didn't work as well. Finally, a person from the audience helped him to manoeuvre the costume though....
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Don't flush the toilet on a plane while you're still sitting on it


This pretty normal practice in a regular bathroom can have horrible consequences when done on an aeroplane toilet. A 28-year-old flight attendant from Florida remembered how an aforementioned behaviour caused two-hour delay, when there was a man stuck inside a toilet. First, they tried pulling his arms, but it didn't work, and they had to call main...
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Mum gave birth to 15-pound baby saying it felt like being hit by two tractor-trailers


​ The baby is one of the biggest babies born in New York state. Delivering a 15-pound baby is not an easy job for a mum. Giving birth required three doctors, C-section and medical vacuum to pull the baby-girl out. According to mum it was pretty violent "She got stuck under my ribcage," mum said.
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