Thursday, 20 June 2019

​School didn't let the student cycle home


Most schools in the US don't allow kids to ride a bike to school. This guy was cycling to school daily when he lived in LA. When his family moved to Virginia, he cycled to school and was surprised that the school didn't have a bicycle rack. His bike got taken to the office, and he had to get his parents to get it because they wouldn't let him ...
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Why don't you come to school yesterday?

Why don't you come to school yesterday?

Korean grandmas are back to school

​Rural South Korean schools are now filled with a new type of pupils – diligent and enthusiastic grandmas. The women in their sixties and seventies, who never attended school before, now have the opportunity to widen their knowledge, and gain new skills, Catchupnews reveals. The women usually get before dawn to do homework and practice penmanship, ...
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​Police wanted to offer a ride, but he bolted


An underage student was walking home drunk. He stopped next to the road to throw up. The police came up to him to see if he needed a ride home. They didn't really care if he was underaged or not, just wanted to help him. But the student ran and police had to chase and tackle him and place him under arrest. Source: Reddit

​Dude, I need your pants!


It was 07:58 when a student noticed that he wore shorts instead of pants. But shorts were not allowed in the lab. He had to clock in before 08:10 to get the best grade. He needed excellent grades to go to med school. He ran towards the dorm. On a way, he stopped a random guy with pants and asked if they could swap clothes. He agreed. Sour...
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Two students jammed school's Wi-Fi network to avoid tests


Two New Jersey boys successfully crashed their high school's Wi-Fi network to get out of taking exams. Since much of the school's curriculum is internet-based, the lack of Wi-Fi connection disrupted the students' daily assignments. Wi-Fi at school has now been restored and instead of skipping exams the 14-year-olds are charged with criminal ac...
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A joke in a car changed his life forever


After this high-school student's family moved to the south of the US, he found it hard to make friends. Someone was jokingly asking if he was Jewish and to please people and make friends he lied and said that this was true. Word went around, he received Jewish scholarship, married a Jewish girl and got a free trip to Israel...
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Kidnapped Chinese student Wanzhen Lu released

Canadian police found a kidnapped Chinese student three days after he was pushed into a black Dodge Caravan while he was passing through a parking lot. Lu, who has a passion for collecting expensive cars such as Rolls Royce and Lamborghini, was released with minor injuries. The anonymous sources told Catchupnews that kidnappers were only interested...
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​​How laziness in the university can lead you to prison


It's not easy to teach a mentally ill student. One professor had a student who adored her until she failed him for not turning almost any assignments in. The student who had called the teacher the best went on to threatening to kill her. He got a restraining order but violated it by screaming obscenities whenever he saw his professor. In the end, h...
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Kim Kardashian immersed herself in studying criminal law and plans to restore peace and order in USA and then worldwide


​Judging by her latest posts on Instagram – and what's on Instagram is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Kim Kardashian is very seriously committed to reading, memorizing, delving into, making inquiries, and excelling in criminal law of the United States. Kim also plans to spread the word throughout the world, in order to resto...
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