Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Girl : Dad I'm going to my friend's house to study.

Girl : Dad I'm going to my friend's house to study.

Education system nowdays.

Education system nowdays.

​Angel turned to bitch


She sat next to him in English class, and they clicked immediately. She was beautiful, funny and friendly. What else can you ask for? One day she suggested to study together for finals, and the boy agreed happily. Unfortunately, that was when he saw the girl's real face. When she ordered a coffee, they made a small mistake, and she flipped out. She...
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White House staff takes lessons from fishmongers

​The White House reportedly pays an executive coaching firm to train presidential staffers to be more like fishmongers. The firm, Charthouse International Learning Corporation, as Catchupnews learns, provides a special training program called FISH, and it's inspired by fishmongers from Seattle. We sincerely hope they won't teach lessons on how to b...
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Korean grandmas are back to school

​Rural South Korean schools are now filled with a new type of pupils – diligent and enthusiastic grandmas. The women in their sixties and seventies, who never attended school before, now have the opportunity to widen their knowledge, and gain new skills, Catchupnews reveals. The women usually get before dawn to do homework and practice penmanship, ...
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Kim Kardashian is diligent home-taught student and finishes her homework on time


​According to her tutors, Kim Kardashian is a straight-A home-taught student, who frequently does her homework. She also keeps little notes with Latin law proverbs all over the place, Catchupnews finds out, and she does it all while cleaning, cooking for the family of six, and taking care of a newborn. She even offers some free legal advice through...
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That moment!.. when you see your best friend studying.

That moment!.. when you see your best friend studying.
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