Education system nowdays.

Education system nowdays.

​Please stop masturbating in the bathroom

The e-mails you get during your university time can be so much more entertaining than the ones you receive later in life. Jody remembered how once the entire dorm got an email that read: "Male students, please stop masturbating in the shower. Our community shower drains are being clogged with semen and hair at the detriment to our plumbing."Source:...
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Anthropology students go to hell

A university student talked with a lady who asked what he was studying. He said anthropology. The lady was curious, so he explained that it was the study of pre-human history and evolution of mankind. She didn't like that he mentioned evolution and asked if he studies the bible. The student explained that the bible is not used in this field of stud...
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Rich meet beautiful dating site owner denies allegations of debauchery

​Rich Meet Beautiful site appeared on billboards near UK universities with a clear intention of connecting students with financial difficulties with much older and richer sponsors for dating – and many more actions to follow, Catchupnews was unofficially told. The site's owner Sigurd Vedal is now accused of debauchery in Belgium, but he claims ther...
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Dr. Dre wanted to show how his daughter made it to college on her own. Then he remembered the donation.

The recent revelation that showed how wealthy parents have paid huge sums to get their kids to elite colleges has made some of them stand up and show how their children have made it on their own. Dr. Dre boasted on Twitter about his Daughter getting into USC all on her own. Then he remembered how he donated $70 million to school and quickly deleted...
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Life of a dean: cocaine and sex slave

Sometimes life can be crazier than TV. A dean of the university was forced to leave because he blew almost all the school budget for fancy dinners with donors, showed up in official university events high on cocaine and kept an assistant as a sex slave. He sent the school to a major budget crisis and the PR disaster was waiting to happen.Sourc...
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​​How laziness in the university can lead you to prison

It's not easy to teach a mentally ill student. One professor had a student who adored her until she failed him for not turning almost any assignments in. The student who had called the teacher the best went on to threatening to kill her. He got a restraining order but violated it by screaming obscenities whenever he saw his professor. In the end, h...
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