Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Trump takes advice from Rihanna

​Donald Trump was apparently so moved by a Twitter post about Rihanna that he actually liked it – even before Catchupnews did. It's the first post he ever liked, and the exceptional occurrence is even more amplified by the fact that the post he liked is Rihanna's quote about making time for yourself and taking care of your mental health, for the sa...
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Americans have freedom gas while Chinese have rare earth

​Americans recently declared that their gas is not an ordinary thing, but consists of special, all-American freedom molecules. And Catchupnews Asian reporters reveal that Chinese also have their own special particle. It has a wide range of use – from arms and medical industries to Apple designs, and the exceptional element is called rare-earth. Let...
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US sees their fossil fuel resources as molecules of freedom

​In the land of freedom and democracy, there's freedom even beneath the ground level, in ores and gases, in dirt and waste. The US Department of Energy official issued a Twitter statement that glorifies American gas as freedom spreading gas, designated to serve American allies throughout the world. This Catchupnews reporter got to smell this freedo...
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White House staff takes lessons from fishmongers

​The White House reportedly pays an executive coaching firm to train presidential staffers to be more like fishmongers. The firm, Charthouse International Learning Corporation, as Catchupnews learns, provides a special training program called FISH, and it's inspired by fishmongers from Seattle. We sincerely hope they won't teach lessons on how to b...
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Celeb couple's fake marriage can't be annulled before they're officially married

​ Socialite and heiress Andi Potamkin got married to her fiancé William Jordan Blackmore at a dessert wedding ceremony in Utah, having a yoga instructor posing as a wedding officiant. However, the couple has recently split, and it turned out that their wedding wasn't officially authorized, to the groom's surprise. In order to get a divorce, they wi...
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Denver is legalizing use of magic mushrooms

​ The city of Denver, USA will become the first city to legalize the so-called magic mushrooms for personal use. As Catchupnews reveals, the mushrooms will be allowed for rites of passage, healing, treating anxiety and nausea, for deepening spiritual insight, strengthening community bonds, supporting tourism, and for improving deep-diving personal ...
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Importance of Met Gala

The previous days were packed with stirring news and events – the birth of yet another royal, Trump's impenetrable speech, and of course, the Met Gala. It was one occasion more for celebrities and their striving companions to dress in silly clothes and act as if they were not of this world. The importance the Met Gala holds for the majority of ordi...
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Melania Trump’s press conference themed birthday party

​Melania Trump just celebrated yet another birthday in the White House, and for this year's theme chose a funny and familiar setting – a press conference. Catchupnews learns that she made her friends dress as journalists and photographers. Their main focus was on the birthday girl this time, and not on the quirky old man posing as her husband.

L.A. pavement is cooler than cool

​In order to reduce the so-called urban heat island effect, L.A. authorities have decided to use a brand new kind of pavement that absorbs less heat. The viscous mixture will cover L.A. streets even in the suburb areas, and it is expected to decrease the temperature by 10 degrees or even more, and  raise the coolness of already cool L.A. stree...
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CIA planning to open Instagram account

The Central Intelligence Agency has an important aim to accomplish this season, Catchupnews made a discovery by glancing into their confidential posting plan – to set and keep a vivid Instagram account with no less than 100,000 followers. "Days in the agency sometimes feel lonely, and it's hard for us to meet new people and build trust, "one CIA em...
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