Thursday, 27 February 2020

Melania Trump's skillful admirer

​A 93-year-old army veteran was hitting on Melania Trump in front of her honourable husband Donald during the 75th D-Day anniversary commemoration. The cheerful chap remarked how well equipped Melania was, and expressed his serious intentions towards her, which left Melania's reverent husband in an awkward position. Catchupnews will closely follow ...
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This is how wars should be fought.

This is how wars should be fought.

Philippines declare war to Canada – trash kind of war

​Philippine president Duarte unofficially declared war to Canada over trash illegally shipped to Philippines. The garbage was sent to poor countries in order to keep Canadian nature pure and clean, as Catchupnews learns. "I will declare war against them. I will advise Canada that your garbage is on the way. Prepare a grand reception. Eat it if you ...
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Russians developed combat shield that causes hallucinations

Russian special forces are now equipped with ground-breaking combat shield that can cause the enemy's disorientation, vomit-inducing reactions, and even hallucinations. In March, a warship carrying a light gun with similar effects, sailed near the British shores, but the occurrence of the ship went unnoticed. Since the world is already prone to vom...
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When you go to a war with China.

When you go to a war with China.

CIA is helping ISIS warriors to resocialize after their terrorist careers have come to end


 As the Syrian crisis is slowly progressing towards the end, some organizations, focused on international affairs and world stability, are trying to cope with the current state. The US welfare agency CIA is allegedly already on the spot, trying to persuade former terrorist to calm down, even offering help, safety, and new documents. About 2,00...
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