Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Embarrassing phone moment


Weddings can be hectic, and it's hard to remember every single thing, but you better remember to turn off your phone if you don't want to end up in the centre of attention. When this girl's sister got married, she had to hold her phone. Her dress didn't have pockets, so she just put it down her bra. But oops, thinking about where to put it made her...
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Best man had sex with the bride


Wedding is the most important event in couples' lives.  It's usually full of positive emotions, the bride is shedding a tear, the groom looking all serious thinking about his life ahead with his one and only, guests are dreaming about their big day ahead. But for some people, it has a completely different meaning. They see their wedding day as...
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​Her dress caught fire


Someone should seriously consider putting the warning: "Inflammable Material. Keep away from fire" on wedding dresses. Sparkling candles, bonfires and other fiery stuff are quite common nowadays. It's nice to look at, very romantic and gives an extra spark for the celebration. But again, we should think about the safety before we set off fireworks....
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​She threw up at her own wedding


Usually throwing up doesn't start until the wedding party is well on and everyone has had a bit too much to drink. In this case, it went differently. The bride was super nervous. She felt sick while walking on the aisle. Her friends and relatives comforted her saying it's normal to be nervous, and it all will be fine. But it was only going wor...
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​He threatened to shoot the groom


Weddings are all the same, and nothing interesting ever happens, right? Well, not always. This guy really didn't want to go to the wedding. Luckily his wife still dragged him there so he could witness one of the greatest spectacles of human drama that has ever taken place. The bride's lover objected and yelled that he's not going to let the groom s...
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When your parents tell you not to have sex before marriage but you're standing in their wedding picture.

When your parents tell you not to have sex before marriage but you're standing in their wedding picture.

​He ate his teacher's wedding ring


This boy was a real master thief. When he was five he saw a perfect opportunity to steal his teacher's wedding ring. She had put it on the table when she went to wash her hands. Seeing the opportunity, the boy took her ring and ate it. The teacher freaked out, interrogated every child, and went through their pockets. Of course, she couldn't find it...
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Celeb couple's fake marriage can't be annulled before they're officially married

​ Socialite and heiress Andi Potamkin got married to her fiancé William Jordan Blackmore at a dessert wedding ceremony in Utah, having a yoga instructor posing as a wedding officiant. However, the couple has recently split, and it turned out that their wedding wasn't officially authorized, to the groom's surprise. In order to get a divorce, they wi...
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Her alcoholic aunt shouted "Don't do it!" at the wedding


Apparently, it's not the best idea to invite alcoholic relatives to your wedding ceremony. This couple's wedding video is now ruined because the bride's aunt showed up drunk and shouted random things like" Don't do it! or "Woooo!!!" throughout her entire ceremony. The wedding video was all ruined because it was impossible to cut out only her aunt's...
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Her sister got engaged at her wedding


Some people are just annoying. This bride was angry because her brother in law decided to propose her sister at her wedding. She knew that he had bought the ring already months before, but still decided to propose on her special day. No one is protected from attention seekers even not on their wedding day. Source: Reddit
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