Tuesday, 07 April 2020

When she tells you she's a virgin and you ask for a date and you discover this...

When she tells you she's a virgin and you ask for a date and you discover this...

No unemployment in thriving economies

Latest data reveals that the eastern, fast-developing countries have such high progress rates, and almost no unemployment - even children work. However, countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Cambodia regularly deliver goods to their western, highly-concerned partners, so we hope to see the whole charade ending in the nearest futu...
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He ate the pizza, then demanded to switch it


Some people are plain dumb. This man called to pizza place complaining that his pizza was burnt. The pizza place workers said that they can make him a new one and if he brings his burnt pizza they could switch it out. He comes to the store with only crust of the pizza left, demanding a new pizza. Source: Reddit

Is freelancing threat to mental health?

Millions of people across the globe are now working from home. For some it's a  blessing, and for many it became a necessity during constant economic crises. But some are raising concerns about certain mental health risks involved. 'I became so unresponsive to all social practices, even having nice manners… I would go out in my knickers, avoid...
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Workers thought they saved a dog. Instead, they were cuddling a wolf.


Three Estonian construction workers noticed the struggling animal in the icy water, pulled it out, wrapped it in a blanket and warmed it up in a car before driving to a clinic. The animal slept on one of the worker's legs on a way to the veterinarian. In the clinic, a hunter confirmed that the construction workers had cuddled a wolf instead. S...
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