Indian army allegedly saw Yeti footprints in Himalayas

​Indian army officials posted on Twitter that they were pretty sure the mythical and abominable winter creature Yeti existed. Indians claim they even have evidence – photos of footprints of the beast, captured somewhere in the Himalayas. Catchupnews is relieved that Yetis are not endangered species after all, unlike many other animal species on our...
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Monsanto to pay 80 million dollars to Roundup victim

​ A man won a legal battle against Monsanto corporation, and a federal jury ordered the company to pay him 80 million dollars because he got cancer from continual use of Monsanto's Roundup weed killer. The case raised concerns about Roundup and its lethal consequences. The company, now owned by German concern Bayer, however, doesn't seem concerned ...
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EU threatens to raise tariffs on US ketchup

EU will meet American desperate measures for reducing European aluminium and steel import rate with countermeasures. EU plans to impose tariffs on many US imported goods, ketchup being one of the named. Fear not, dear Catchupnews readers, for news from the other side of the ocean will still flow freely.

Possible suspect for Notre-Dame fire

Paris authorities are for now ruling out a possible arson in the case of Notre-Dame. The famous cathedral was severely damaged in the fire two days ago. Catchupnews sends condolences to French people. Still, some online users claim they recognized the face of an intruder among the firemen - the man formerly known for torturing Quasimodo and Es...
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Mark Zuckerberg could get arrested in New Zealand

​The last month's tragic events at Christchurch mosque propelled New Zealand officials to issue a warning to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg - the next time something horrible happens and it's streamed live on Facebook, he would be the one responsible for spreading hate and violence content, and could face some jail time. Anyhow, Catchupnews got a...
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US armed forces evacuating Americans from Libya

​US Navy hovercraft was spotted on the beach near Tripoli, Libya, evacuating Americans from the conflict-stricken country, Catchupnews witnesses confirm. In the official statement, the US Africa Command said that people are being moved due to the severe security situation on the ground. So first they attack the country, and now they let it hover on...
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Naomi Campbell mistaken for artefact in Qatar

​Naomi Campbell attended the opening of the new National Museum of Qatar in Doha. She wore a decent white gown for the occasion, and gave the overall impression of a statue of unprecedented beauty. No wonder the guards of the museum later tried to ban her from leaving the building, for they mistook her for one of the museum artefacts, Catchupnews h...
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Russians developed combat shield that causes hallucinations

Russian special forces are now equipped with ground-breaking combat shield that can cause the enemy's disorientation, vomit-inducing reactions, and even hallucinations. In March, a warship carrying a light gun with similar effects, sailed near the British shores, but the occurrence of the ship went unnoticed. Since the world is already prone to vom...
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