Deadliest sniper in the world.

Deadliest sniper in the world.

Celebrating World Password Day

​Today is World Password day, and we should kindly appreciate the false security we've been misled to believe we have by using passwords – at least in this digital era. Anyhow, here are some fun facts about passwords, brought to you by Catchupnews. The most commonly used passwords are 123456 and password. As much as 22 per cent of people uses the s...
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Philippines declare war to Canada – trash kind of war

​Philippine president Duarte unofficially declared war to Canada over trash illegally shipped to Philippines. The garbage was sent to poor countries in order to keep Canadian nature pure and clean, as Catchupnews learns. "I will declare war against them. I will advise Canada that your garbage is on the way. Prepare a grand reception. Eat it if you ...
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People averagely visit 25 places during lifetime, recent study reveals

​A recent study conducted by German and American scientists with a lot of spare time, reveals our lives are governed by a number – we usually have 25 places we keep returning to. And even if we are given an opportunity to widen the list, we tend to rely on the same, safe places – the same goes for our friends and news sites, such as Catchupnews.

Tesla S self-destructs in China

​The video shared on China's social network Weibo shows a disfigured Tesla S model after spontaneous combustion. Catchupnews learns that it was all an art installation, similar to the one already organised by Banksy during the controversial Sotheby's auction. The model self-destructed in order to mock the vanity of the owners, as well as to never g...
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EU threatens to raise tariffs on US ketchup

EU will meet American desperate measures for reducing European aluminium and steel import rate with countermeasures. EU plans to impose tariffs on many US imported goods, ketchup being one of the named. Fear not, dear Catchupnews readers, for news from the other side of the ocean will still flow freely.

Pamela Anderson's bravery goes beyond lifeguarding

​She saved a thousand lives as a lifeguard during her Baywatch days, and still continues to showcase bravery. Unlike many other prominent figures who only indulge themselves in the sacredness of their positions and treasures, Pamela Anderson made clear and poignant statements about the current world matters. Some publishers are even considering com...
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​8-year-old boy left home to travel the world


The little boy started his around-the-world trip from Astrakhan in southern Russia. Her mum called police as soon as she'd found a note where he said that he'd gone to travel around the world. A few hours later, a search team found him down a street. He carried encyclopaedias, a toy, money from his piggy bank and a banana. Source: BBC

Facebook – connecting criminals and black markets worldwide

It seems like Facebook is not only connecting friends and acquaintances from all around the world, but also enabling criminals to bond with people of similar interests and, well, hobbies. It also provides a new way for different types of criminal groups to collaborate. After the groups were reported and banned from the platform, it raised concerns ...
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If you want to change the world...

If you want to change the world...
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