Sunday, 18 August 2019

When you let your mom cut your hair...

When you let your mom cut your hair...

"The difference between generations."

"The difference between generations."

Mercedes Benz of dried fish

​The anti-ageism is an obsession of mature men and women who will try anything to stay young, and it's now taking its toll on poor sea creatures that are only trying to stay alive. The latest trend is to cook a soup out of a bladder of totoaba, giant fish from Mexico's Sea of Cortez. The smugglers are selling it up to $80k per kilo – the price...
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​She puked in her purse


She was young and broke all the time, so she didn't think twice when her manager bought lots of shots. She took as many as she could. She knew she was going to throw up, so she took a cab. She was almost home when she felt that she was going to puke, and there was no time to pull over. She opened her purse and threw up in there. Source: BuzzFeed

Old billionaire & young wife.

Old billionaire & young wife.
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